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Customer Support Systems are Unruly —  Are You Keeping Up?

As a customer support manager, it’s your job to regularly improve service quality by evaluating and redesigning processes. To optimize service, you have to continuously adapt to consumer trends and meet shifting standards of customer satisfaction. Now is the time to move from systems of records to systems of action by adding an AI layer to your existing customer support systems.

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Demystify AI for your CFO

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology for customer support is the next big technological breakthrough your company is disregarding as a “fad.” Think of AI for customer service akin to cloud for IT — it’s now synonymous. Automation is changing how support tickets are routed and resolved and is creating greater company efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As with any emerging technology, not everyone is immediately convinced of the practical, day-to-day benefits of artificial intelligence. However, familiarizing your team with AI is easy, and starts with some key conversations with your CFO.

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3 Ways SmartAssist Improves Customer Service

Everyone has had a bad customer service experience. Long wait times and ineffectual support are hard to forget, and poor customer support can impact the general opinion of a company for years. You want your company to be remembered for the timely, helpful support it provides customers, but seemingly unavoidable system bottlenecks stand in the way of good intentions. Luckily, emerging automation technology is streamlining the process.

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Will a robot steal my job in customer service?

Most jobs that require human intuition and interactivity are immune to robot takeover. But, while it might seem like a plot lifted out of a science fiction movie, there is an increasing chance, depending on your job field, that you will be competing against a robot at your next job interview.

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Topics: Machine Learning Announces $5 million Series A from Madrona Venture Group to Apply AI at Scale to Customer Support

Seattle, WA August 3rd,  2017 -, an AI-powered service for customer support, today announced Series A financing of $5 million from Madrona Venture Group. The company offers an artificial intelligence service to resolve customer support tickets to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. The company, led by CEO Pradeep Rathinam and CTO Prashant Luthra, leverages the customer support intelligence service of, which was acquired by GE Digital last year, and is at the core of the new entity.  GE Ventures holds an equity position in SmartAssist.

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