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AI for Customer Support

Boost agent productivity and reduce handling time with smart routing, recommended response, and response automation.

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  • MailChimp
  • Twilio
  • Republic Wireless
  • ThredUp
  • Touch Of Modern
  • illuminate education
  • Gusto
  • issuu
  • Product Madness
  • Thumbtack
  • Segment
No Touch Classification

No Touch Classification

Triage & ROUTE WITHIN Minutes

SmartAssist’s intelligent classification technology identifies patterns in ticket classifications from the past and predicts which group or individual agent should receive each new ticket.  Tickets are routed within minutes to the most highly-suited available agent,  improving accuracy and customer experience.

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Accurate response recommendation 

Boost agent productivity

As new support tickets arise, SmartsAssist uses artificial intelligence to recommend an appropriate response template and give customers the right answers with as little wait as possible. SmartAssist prompts agents with the best macros and templates for resolution based on the content of the ticket/issue customers are experiencing. Using recommended response, even your newest agents can deliver consistent solutions quickly and efficiently.

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Accurate Response Recommendation
Automatic and Bulk Responses

autOmatic and bulk responses

reduce costs by automating responses

SmartAssist enables a business to automatically respond to tickets when businesses deem it appropriate based on chosen confidence criteria and comfort level. Automatic response allows agents to spend less time on recurring issues or repetitive tickets, and more time on problem solving for your customers. SmartAssist also allows agents to bulk respond for repetitive tickets with a human touch.

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SeAmless CXM integration

zendesk, salesforce and more

SmartAssist natively integrates directly into CXM systems and automatically generates machine learning models to mimic the decision paths of how agents handle cases. It works across the spectrum of automation needs from augmentation to full automation

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Seemless CXM Integration


  • Republic Wireless
    " helps our agents focus on our customer interactions by getting the right topic in front of the right resource at the right time. It helps us improve the future by learning from the successes or failures of our past."

    Sean Rivers, Director of Customer Service at Republic Wireless

  • Product Madness
    "SmartAssist Auto Response provides us with a cost-effective and powerful solution for providing our customers with answers to their most common questions and enables our agents with tools to be more agile in their interactions. This helps our team focus personal attention to our high priority customers."

    Francesca Noli, VP of Marketing at Product Madness

  • Thumbtack
    " has been a great partner for Thumbtack. They've helped us greatly reduce email handle time as well as increase CSAT. The data provided from has allowed us to provide a great experience to our customers without having to significantly increase the size of our email team. In addition to providing valuable results for our customer support teams, has worked closely with us to find new ways of creating value using their product."

    Travis Oliver, Thumbtack

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